Things worth reading: 4th April 2014

Things we’re reading today include …

How Nigeria will become Africa’s biggest economy
JPMorgan restructures ‘London whale’ unit
Treasury would have ‘overruled’ regulator in favour of Co-op bid
NatWest glitch leaves thousands of savers without interest
Australian bank boss resigns ‘to spend time with family’
Credit Suisse takes new hit over tax probe
Lloyds to seek bonus awards for top 400 staff: Sky News
Barnett, the David Moyes of investment
M Stanley hits back over Flash Boys row
FCA warns over credit card debt
Regulator to investigate £150bn credit card market amid fears for ‘survival borrowers’
BofA may pay $800m in credit card case

This week’s Economist:

Cash and crime: Less coin to purloin
Banks and fraud: Hacking back
The euro-zone economy: Frost in spring
Reforming the audit profession: The cost of cosiness
Japan’s economy: Out of the zone
Free exchange: Financial indulgence

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