Daowaga Daze – Danny Davis Shredding Tahoe – Lots of D’s.

Daowaga Daze was filmed in seven days over President's Week. Due to long lift lines and resort closures Danny Davis and Nick Russell resorted to split boards, snowshoes and snowmobiles as their means to access the mountains. Read the full Daowaga Daze – Danny Davis Shredding Tahoe article on Snowboarder Magazine. from Snowboarder Magazine http://ift.tt/2mkR2gS

Some disasters this #mycyclingweekend, some great

Broken bones, cuts, scrapes, and a bizarrely disgusting use for a buff this #mycyclingweekend from Road.cc RSS Feed http://ift.tt/2mERPM4 via IFTTT

Emma Pooley on Sir Dave Brailsford and British Cycling: “A fish rots from its head”

Former world time trial champion who testified to independent review speaks out about "culture of fear" at national team from Road.cc RSS Feed http://ift.tt/2mkdZk4 via IFTTT

Coroner urges Transport for London to review blue paint on Cycle Superhighways after motorcyclist killed following skid

Milan Dokic was killed when he lost control of his motorbike in the wet as he moved onto Cycle Superhighway to undertake a van from Road.cc RSS Feed http://ift.tt/2n1KC9Z via IFTTT

Giro Proof Freezing Weather Cycling Gloves

Warm, with great dexterity and a robustness for regular use. The price reflects the quality 9/10 from Road.cc RSS Feed http://ift.tt/2nlXiG4 via IFTTT

Bench Heaven 2017 – Ingenuity levels are rising.

Way more tricks than you'd think are possible on a bench. Read the full Bench Heaven 2017 article on Snowboarder Magazine. from Snowboarder Magazine http://ift.tt/2mCeiIb

Bike check: Mike Hall’s Kinesis GF Ti ready for 5,300km India Pacific Wheel Race

Mike Hall is competing in 5,300km unsupported race across Australia from Road.cc RSS Feed http://ift.tt/2lTBDHW via IFTTT

Exploring The Future: When Robots Take Your Job

Yes, a robot will most likely take your job - or at least change its current function dramatically - within the next two decades and experts seem to agree that the acceleration of this development will start around 2020. from Innovation – Innovation Excellence via IFTTT

Six weeks to fitness – week 5

Time for some final leg strength work, with a few sprint efforts in there to keep things interesting from Road.cc RSS Feed http://ift.tt/2nwuV78 via IFTTT

“Without Dave B, there is no Team Sky” – Chris Froome finally comes out in support of Sir Dave Brailsford

Three-time Tour de France winner breaks his silence regarding beleaguered boss a week after failing to join other riders in tweeting their support from Road.cc RSS Feed http://ift.tt/2nlJRpu via IFTTT

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