Don’t Look For A Great Idea, Look For A Good Problem

At the center of every significant innovation is always an idea. Clarence Birdseye’s idea about freezing fish revolutionized the food industry and American diets. Charles Schwab’s idea about flat commissions changed investing forever. Steve Jobs idea about creating a device that could hold 1000 songs in your pocket turned around Apple’s fortunes. Yet we shouldn’t... Continue Reading →

Truck that killed cyclist is owned by family of haulage bosses banned for previous fatality

Hayley Drummond’s father and brother were banned from holding operator’s licence in 2015 from RSS Feed via IFTTT

And the winners are!! We announce the team Red Bull Timelaps Squad & dhb kit winners

We name the four riders who'll compete at 'the world's longest day race' as part of team including free entry and a dhb kit bundle from RSS Feed via IFTTT

11 things we’ve learned this week

Triple everesting, more road safety woes and beard prejudice. Here are 11 things we've learned this week... from RSS Feed via IFTTT

Australian resorts to oBike to finish triathlon after suffering a mechanical

Top speed of 18km/h and no water bottle holder – but at least it was intact from RSS Feed via IFTTT

Who is Pepper? Ep. 5— Mikey Rencz

Who Is Pepper? Sage Kotsenburg, Chris Grenier, Mikey Rencz, Ted Borland, Ozzy Henning, Bode Merrill, Garrett Warnick, Justin Keniston, and Nils Mindnich already know. Read the full Who is Pepper? Ep. 5— Mikey Rencz article on Snowboarder Magazine. from Snowboarder Magazine

Restrap Bar Bag Holster & Dry Bag & Food Bag

Rugged, practical, easily mounted and made in the UK – a great choice for bikepacking/touring 9/10 from RSS Feed via IFTTT

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