The Ideas Problem

Ideas are the problem. I suspect many of you have heard this statement as often as I have. It’s usually translated as “we don’t have enough ideas”. Yet when you dig beneath the surface, you find that the bald statement isn’t always as it first appears. In this post, I’d like to offer some different... Continue Reading →

Seven Ways Even Smart Companies Kill Great Ideas

These seven behaviors threaten to stop innovation dead in its tracks… You can’t live without innovation. It’s why you’re in business. But as you grow, innovation also becomes a threat. It threatens to disrupt your existing business model, products, and services. It threatens to upset your customers, who have become accustomed to a certain way... Continue Reading →

Police in Norfolk crack down on school bike thefts

Pupils will be encouraged to add details to Bike Register and taught how to lock their bikes properly from RSS Feed via IFTTT

Name Droppin’: K2 Happy Hour – Rider Endorsed Snowboards of 2018

Take a look at what Daniel Franck has to say about the signature stick that he's added to his quiver. Read the full Name Droppin’: K2 Happy Hour – Rider Endorsed Snowboards of 2018 article on Snowboarder Magazine. from Snowboarder Magazine

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