SNOWBOARDER Presents “Beacon”

Beacon is the true-to-life movie documenting French Canadian snowboarder Louif Paradis through Quebec, Russia and Japan. Directed by Hayden Rensch. Read the full SNOWBOARDER Presents “Beacon” article on Snowboarder Magazine. from Snowboarder Magazine

Protest tomorrow at Kensington Town Hall to call for safer streets

Stop Killing Cyclists will also hold vigil and die-in for rider killed at Chelsea Bridge from RSS Feed via IFTTT

SMB Checklist for Marketing Innovations

Here is a collection of digital marketing tactics that can serve as a marketing and PR checklist for the new product launches. from Innovation – Innovation Excellence via IFTTT

Mammoth Announces Opening Day of 2017/2018 Winter Season

After being closed for a little over two months, Mammoth looks to keep the summer break short and re-open this November. Read the full Mammoth Announces Opening Day of 2017/2018 Winter Season article on Snowboarder Magazine. from Snowboarder Magazine

Visionary Mathematician Vladimir Voevodsky Dies at 51

In math as in life, Vladimir Voevodsky played by his own rules. Voevodsky, a Russian-born mathematical prodigy, produced a string of daring insights in the 1990s that revolutionized one of the central fields of mathematics and established him at the pinnacle of his profession. His work continues to reverberate today. On Sept. 30, Voevodsky died... Continue Reading →

Data visualisation highlights scale of bike theft problem in England & Wales

Meanwhile, Oxford and Cambridge are named university bike theft hot-spots from RSS Feed via IFTTT

City planning report recommends squeezing out London motor traffic

Suggests reclaiming roadside car parking space and extending Oyster card system to include bike hire schemes from RSS Feed via IFTTT

The 4 Standout Attributes of Truly Great Innovators

In the process of researching my book, Mapping Innovation, I talked to a diverse group of successful innovators. One underlying premise of mine is that there isn't one “true” path to innovation, so I expected to see a variety of approaches and that’s indeed what I found. However, I also noticed that some remarkably constant... Continue Reading →

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