Mountain GOAT: Shaun Palmer, Snowboarding’s First Prodigy and One-Foot Pioneer

One-footers and riding down the pipe with middle fingers raised, now you know who did it first. Shaun Palmer joins the Greatest of All Time list originally published in the 30th Anniversary Issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine. Read the full Mountain GOAT: Shaun Palmer, Snowboarding’s First Prodigy and One-Foot Pioneer article on Snowboarder Magazine. from Snowboarder... Continue Reading →

Leicester taxi driver loses appeal against conviction in Sam Boulton dooring death case

Cycling UK repeats call for new offence to be created with stronger penalties for offenders from RSS Feed via IFTTT

Cycling app of the week: Donkey Republic

This unusually-named app is a fresh take on bike sharing, allowing you to rent a bike for as long as you like in a growing number of locations worldwide... from RSS Feed via IFTTT

The Math Behind Gerrymandering and Wasted Votes

Imagine fighting a war on 10 battlefields. You and your opponent each have 200 soldiers, and your aim is to win as many battles as possible. How would you deploy your troops? If you spread them out evenly, sending 20 to each battlefield, your opponent could concentrate their own troops and easily win a majority... Continue Reading →

Dutch track cyclist targets Sir Bradley Wiggins’ UCI Hour Record

Dion Beukeboom will undertake his attempt in Aguascalientes, Mexico, next August from RSS Feed via IFTTT

Over 50 of 2017s top bike lights tested in the big beam engine + autumn bargains on 2016 lights too

We test beam strength, shape, and penetration to help you find the right light for the riding you do + an illuminating list of bargain light deals (sorry) from RSS Feed via IFTTT

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