Invent IT: Lufthansa Intrapreneurs Program

Lufthansa Systems, IT services provider in the airline industry with over 300 airline customers, initiated an Intrapreneurs program named Invent IT in 2007-2008. New Business and Innovation manager at Lufthansa Systems, and key executive of the program, Carina Leue-Bensch takes us step by step through this extensive journey, and draws some leassons learned out of... Continue Reading →

UCI appoints Tour de France runner-up to fight motor doping

Jean-Christophe Péraud, 2nd to Vincenzo Nibali at 2014 race, is new manager of equipment and the fight against technological frau from RSS Feed via IFTTT

$50,000 raised for cyclist sacked for flipping the bird at Donald Trump

Meanwhile, job offers flood in for Juli Briskman .... or is it a case of Fake News? from RSS Feed via IFTTT

The Bone Zone is Back

Paul Osborne drops a heavy edit featuring Mike Rav, Marcus Rand, Will Steller, Parker Szumowski, Jordan Morse, Cooper Whittier, Ted Borland, Reid Smith, and more! Read the full The Bone Zone is Back article on Snowboarder Magazine. from Snowboarder Magazine

“Wife spiked my smoothie” claimed 60-year-old time trial rider banned for doping

She was concerned about his power-to-weight ratio… from RSS Feed via IFTTT

Wiggle’s Black Friday Cycling Deals – Deal Clincher Takeover

Big brands have seen some big discounts in week 2 of Wiggle's big Black Friday deals! Shimano, Giro, Bont & more feature from RSS Feed via IFTTT

Infini Sword Super Bright 30 COB rear light

Sleek rear light with some lovely touches, but the mounting strap needs revising 7/10 from RSS Feed via IFTTT

Why Context Matters in Successful Innovation

In order to accelerate the pace of innovation and increase the amount of innovation that's done, we need to simplify it, or at least remove some of the uncertainty. To do that I'm going to argue in this relatively short post that innovation has three important deliverables: from Innovation – Innovation Excellence via IFTTT

Cyclists riding side-by-side is biggest gripe for rural drivers claims survey

Road rage Britain, where 13 per cent of people admit shouting at an animal from RSS Feed via IFTTT

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