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Biologists Discover Unknown Powers in Mighty Mitochondria

Mitochondria are most famous as sources of metabolic energy. But by splitting and combining, they can also release chemical signals to regulate cell activities, including […]

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How Peloton Uses Consumer Insights To Drive Innovation

Peloton is the exercise company currently taking the fitness world by storm. The company’s sleek $2200 stationary bikes enable busy professionals to exercise at home, […]

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How To Prepare Your Organization For Innovation

In 1919, Mahatma Gandhi initiated a campaign of civil disobedience, including the sale of banned literature, fasting, prayer and work stoppages, to protest the oppressive […]

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Simple Mind Game Shows How Fast Technology is Accelerating

We’re not wired to think exponentially, and this trivial thought experiment will prove just how hard it is. We most often get the future wrong […]

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Top-down or bottom-up – How do you start building an innovative culture?

When we ask innovation leaders why they haven’t been able to reach their innovation goals, probably the single most common explanation is their company culture. […]

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