Innoveo and SIMS’s strategic partnership introduces no-code technology to accelerate digitisation in (re)insurance

 Innoveo, a leading global technology provider headquartered in Zurich and Sidani Innovative Management Services DMCC (SIMS), a Dubai-based boutique and corporate innovation accelerator, formed a strategic partnership to assist the regional (re)insurance ecosystem in rapid adoption of innovative technologies to successfully implement digitalisation initiatives. The joint power of these companies will help (re)insurance clients through Innoveo’s unique no-code technology platform and SIM’s digitalisation consulting and implementation services.

The ability to launch new products in real time helps clients offer financial and insurance products through multiple distribution channels while improving process efficiencies relating to risk assessments, insurance policy issuance, customer advisory, servicing and claims resolution. Innoveo Skye® empowers businesses with the ability to launch powerful applications up to ten times faster than conventional development processes; enabling financial businesses and carriers to go to market with new products in weeks.

Amir Ghaffar, Chief Executive Officer of Innoveo, “Digital transformation is critical to foster and accelerate the current period of rapid change and growth in the Middle East. We are excited to partner with SIMS, the leading global business innovation and management consultancy with specific expertise in the (re)insurance sector in the Middle East, who will be instrumental in leading this change.”

Walid Sidani, President of SIMS, “We are delighted to announce this partnership with Innoveo, who we recognize as a global technology leader in the no-code digital platform space. Our joint marketing and solutions development efforts will enable our clients to fast-forward their digitization trek through our regional Fintech Hub presence in the UAE to ensure a rapid response and deployment. The first half of 2020 redefined how (re)insurance companies collaborate with internal customers and interact with external stakeholders. (Re)Insurance companies can no longer rely on business plans requiring evolutionary investments in technology. This is not a passing trend, but the new normal. They now need to revolutionize their client-facing apps and platforms and internal business processes.  The SIMS-Innoveo partnership will be their catalyst and partner for cost-effective technology solutions.”

This partnership introduces Innoveo’s flagship No-Code Platform (Innoveo Skye®) into the regional (re)insurance ecosystem to accelerate the launch of custom-built applications for their collective client network.  Helping companies upscale their systems environment without the need for massive and resource-intensive software coding is the initial focus.

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Team RM and UNTAPPED are seeking to connect African start-ups with Business Angels

 The think & do tank Team RM (, keeps its word! As announced at the end of its webinar on real economy players, the think & do tank continues to work with its partners to implement the recommendations resulting from this webinar. To this end, Team RM is launching a major entrepreneurial program entitled African Program for Investment in Entrepreneurship (Team RM- PAIE). Its objective is to advise, coach, and help competitive young entrepreneurs from the African continent, particularly from Benin and Togo, to access appropriate financing through several components.

One of the instruments of Team RM- PAIE is the fundraising call for projects initiative, “The Nest Francophone Africa”, whose process has just been launched. This initiative is the fruit of the partnership sealed between Team RM and UNTAPPED, an international impact technology company. In addition to building on the recommendations of the previous webinar, The Nest Afrique Francophone is an efficient tool deployed to enable competitive African start-ups to benefit from financial instruments that can help them develop their business.

While we are pleased with the outcome of the webinar, which had the merit of highlighting the essential role played by real economy actors in the resilience of our economies towards post-COVID, the Team RM is also pleased to have contributed to the accompanying measures taken by governments and international organizations. Other measures are also being developed and are being closely monitored by Team RM and its partners.

“The Nest” is a framework for connecting young entrepreneurs with potential business angels. Business Angels – in order to raise finance for innovative and profitable projects. These young entrepreneurs from French-speaking Africa in general and Benin and Togo in particular will have the opportunity to access adequate financing from investors around the world.

With already ten editions of The Nest, for the benefit of English-speaking countries and in view of the many entrepreneurs already supported, the first French-speaking edition will be held in July 2020.

As mentioned during the webinar and announced at its conclusion by the honorary president of Team RM, Mrs. Reckya Madougou, this program to finance the competitive entrepreneurs of THE NEST is the fruit of the commitment of the think & do tank Team RM to promote and boost the potential of African youth, an ambition that is in line with the objective pursued by the CEO of UNTAPPED, investor Jim Chu.

To this end, a call for projects has just been launched. It is addressed to young Africans from French-speaking countries, particularly Benin and Togo, who are looking for funding for innovative, productive, and profitable initiatives and projects. The framework for participation to the competition is available on the website

The pre-selected competitive project leaders will be coached by the RM Team on how to present their projects and will be invited to participate in a fundraising videoconference session.

The principle is simple:

  • 1 hour of the video conference on Zoom
  • 2 to 3 entrepreneurs presenting their projects in a few minutes to 3 Business Angels
  • 50-100 active guests in the audience.

About TeamRM:
The RM team ( is a reflexive platform, animated by African citizens and friends of Africa interested in developing policies and espousing a vision of the inclusive and united liberal economy.

The work of the Team is coordinated by an international team made up of young people, personalities and experts, often in collaboration with other think tanks and partner organizations.

Our team open to the world determines the general policy of the platform and takes the decisions necessary for its implementation.


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