Hat Trick: The Chloe Kim Interview

Chloe Kim doesn’t really need an introduction. Even if you have never opened a snowboarding magazine, chances are you’ve heard of her. And the fact that you are currently reading a snowboarding magazine via this article, the first part of that last sentence definitely doesn’t apply to you. Chloe has so many accolades under her […]

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Zoi Sadowski-Synnott Wins Gold in Beijing in Olympic Women’s Slopestyle

The 2022 Winter Olympics have begun in Beijing and on Saturday, February 5th at the Genting Snowpark, women’s slopestyle was the first snowboarding event of The Games. The riders knocked it out of the park; the level of riding by the entire field was incredible and showcased the progression that has been going at lightning […]

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Sound Strait’s World Premier of Wash-Dup, Feb 10 at SIFF Cinema Egyptian Seattle, WA

Based on a true story, this mockumentary film will follow a group of ex- snowboard filmmakers and ex-pro riders who never hung it up. Still in love with the sport and fueled by mid life crisis, these shred for lifers are extremely vulnerable to delusions of grandeur. But the dream is always “still alive” in […]

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