Seen Snowboarding is a queer snowboarding club and platform aiming to increase visibility for LGBTQIA+ folks in the snowboarding community. Ran by Tanner Pendleton and friends— they host ride meetups, provide safe spaces, and make films centered around queer experiences. For this project, Seen Snowboarding created a video spotlighting new representation within the sport, and inviting people from all spectrums to join them in pushing the cultural dial.

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“If cyclists have an accident what exactly do they lose?”: Textbook anti-cycling bingo full house in local paper; Cyclists could be fined “for riding next to cars on roads”, claims Daily Record; Bottle duty for Valtteri Bottas + more on the live blog

Bring on the gravel! As the Tour peloton takes to the dirt today, Ryan Mallon is hoping he can stay in contention on Wednesday’s live blog

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