The Chronicles of Catfish: The Tale of Chas Truslow

In the internet age (that sounds incredibly dated to say, but it’s accurate), the idea of a meme is ubiquitous. From LOLcats to Drake posting, these cultural signifiers are shared and shifted, often until jokes collapse on themselves in one of the more meta forms of cultural commentary (actual “Meta” aside because pfft). The foundation […]

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First Time on Mt. Hood: Euro Riders Experience Oregon in the Summer

Join Leon Vockensperger and Vlad Khadarin for their first trip to the PNW. “After a few years of planning Leon and Vlad finally made it to Oregon, follow along as they explore the Pacific Northwest, through summer snowboarding and cold water surfing. We called it flipside because Colden had been coming to Europe to film […]

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“A crap cycle lane is better than none at all”: Council blasted for ripping up bike lane, so cars can park; “If cyclists really need a safe space, then a painted cycle lane would suffice”; Bike lane parker slates “cycle freaks” + more on the live blog

It’s Tuesday, Tom Dumoulin is no longer a professional cyclist, and Ryan Mallon (also not a pro cyclist) is here with the second live blog of the week

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