This week’s Top 5 Zwift Videos can teach you about the new HoloReplay feature, the lawsuit Wahoo filed against Zwift, and how to do a ramp test. You’ll also hear from two Zwift Academy Road participants about their experiences this year – both good and bad.

ZWIFT ‘HoloReplay’ Ghost Riders: Race Yourself // Pace Yourself!

Shane Miller (GPLama) introduces the new HoloReplay feature on Zwift, which lets you race “ghosts” of your previous and best times on segments.

Wahoo vs Zwift Lawsuit Over Smart Trainer Patent Infringement

Confused about Wahoo’s patent infringement lawsuit over the Zwift Hub smart trainer? Tariq Ali of SMART Bike Trainers breaks down the basics and the history behind it.

DID IT WORK??? Zwift Academy (2022) | Finish Line Ride

Eric Barfell does his Zwift Academy Road finish line ride.

FAILED ACADEMY? Zwift Bashing or Fair Criticism?

Everything Is Photogenic reflects on Zwift Academy Road and gives her opinions on what worked and what didn’t.

How to Measure Your FTP on Zwift – Ramp Test Overview

If you’re coming back indoors for the winter, it’s a good idea to test your FTP before starting a training plan or entering a race. Here, Caedmon Cycling explains how to take a ramp test on Zwift.

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