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Through The Foyer: Johan Nordhag Talks Filming For Salomon’s Latest Movie

Salomon’s new project, Foyer, premiered last week in Salt Lake City and before it hits the internet, we wanted to start introducing the riders behind the movie. Featuring five up-and-coming riders on Salomon’s team tapped to spend half the winter in the U.S. and half in Europe, we hit each one up to learn a bit more about their last season filming. First up is Johan “Jo Jo” Nordhag from Sweden. Starting snowboarding at age seven, Johan is now 27 and his two decades strapped in is easy to notice the moment you see him riding. A natural on any feature in his path, he turned heads with his video appearances the past few years (Scandalnavians 2 + All Spice), and continues in the new film by Brendon Hupp set to release this week. Johan’s longtime partner, Ylfa Rúnarsdóttir, also just scored a cover from issue 1 this year! We caught up with euro rider about his first big project filming in the U.S. and more below!

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