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Put a shelf on your Brompton with the Velosolo Platform B

Put a shelf on your Brompton with the Velosolo Platform B

Matthew Loveridge

11 Nov 2022

Rack alternative clamps to frame for all your portage needs

Love your Brompton but wish it were more Ikea Billy-esque? The Velosolo Platform B could be for you. 

Pitched as ‘a general carrier, luggage base, foot rest, coffee table, beer transporter, skateboard holder, speaker platform, ebike conversion battery platform, camera platform, tool box transporter’ and more, the Platform B is a small plywood deck that clamps to the main frame tube of a Brompton, behind the central hinge. 

There are slots to accept luggage straps and the Platform B is designed to add utility to your Brompton without interfering with its ability to fold.

Velosolo offers optional grip tape to get on top of the Platform B, in a choice of colours and designs.

The U-bolts which attach it have silicone covers, and you can choose colours for these too. 

The Platform B costs £49.95 without grip tape, or £54.95 with it. 

It looks to be an intriguing alternative to conventional front and rear racks and, if you’re comparing to Brompton’s own range of accessories, it’s a good deal cheaper too – OEM rear racks start at £116, for example. 

Head to Velosolo to learn more. 

Photos: Velosolo

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