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Tacx Neo Bike Plus claims most realistic virtual ride experience on the market

Tacx Neo Bike Plus claims most realistic virtual ride experience on the market

Charlotte Head

16 Nov 2022

The new indoor bike improves adjustability and virtual gearing and comes with a hefty £3,499 pricetag

Tacx has just announced the release of its new smart indoor bike, the Neo Bike Plus. Tacx says the updated design is aimed at replicating the feeling of riding outdoors in the comfort of the user’s own home.

The Neo Bike Plus is said to feature a fully customisable fit, updated shifting operations and real road feel options.

With Neo technology and specific internal designs, Tacx claims that this is one of the quietest indoor bikes on the market. With a host of additional features over the regular Neo bike, as seen in our best exercise bike guide, it can create a realistic riding experience.

Alongside the extra features, the Neo Bike Plus comes with a hefty hike in price, up to £3,499 from £2,299. The bike is available to buy now from Garmin.

Shifting redesigned

Following on from its predecessor, the Tacx Neo Bike Smart Trainer, the Neo Bike Plus features redesigned electronic shifters, which can now be programmed to function like those of Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo.

The shifting now also mimics the feel of the chain moving up and down the drivetrain, in an attempt to create a realistic riding experience.

Precise fit customisation

The incorporation of both 165mm and 167.5mm crank lengths (alongside the pre-existing options of 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm) is a welcome addition to the bike’s overall adaptability.

With all components being fully adjustable, Tacx claims that you can get your Neo Bike Plus to the exact same fit as any of your other bikes.

Aimed at being an indoor trainer that can be shared, Tacx has added millimetre measurements alongside all of the adjustable components, and each has been designed to be quick and easy to change from user to user.

Realistic road feel

To help create the best indoor experience, the Tacx Neo Bike Plus can be used in conjunction with the Tacx Training App to replicate real road feel, by simulating the vibrations and using motor control to transfer them to the bike.

With options including gradients up to 25%, gravel and cobblestones, Tacx says the bike aims to offer a fun training experience as well as a functional one.

There are also descent simulations, and the bike uses dynamic inertia in an attempt to produce that feeling of forward momentum experienced when riding outdoors.

The bike can also be used with no added extras in which case it will simply provide more resistance the faster you ride.

In-built extras

The indoor bike boasts not only built-in fans that can be activated by the user’s heart rate and power, but also a 4.5in display and two USB chargers for your devices.

Dual power meters can track your power distribution, as well as your cadence and speed with up to a claimed 1% accuracy, and up to 2,200 watts which should prove high enough for the vast majority of riders.

The Tacx Neo Bike Plus includes full access to the Tacx Training App, with over 250 ride-along videos from across the world, and ‘Ride with the Pros’ features. Equipped with Bluetooth and ANT+, the Neo Bike Plus is also compatible with other applications such as Zwift and TrainerRoad.

Pricing and availability

The new Tacx Neo Bike Plus is priced at £3,499.99 and is available from Garmin

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