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Riese & Muller: Building the future of urban mobility
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17 Nov 2022

Riese & Müller creates sustainable solutions for navigating the city

Future cities will need to be healthier and more livable, and in many ways we’re already heading towards this destination.

Citizens, politicians and transport planners increasingly realise there’s little benefit from cramming more cars onto already busy roads. In a future where more of us will need to make sustainable transport choices, ebikes will offer the greatest freedom and autonomy of any vehicle.

‘Urban mobility no longer means as much road as possible for as many cars as possible,’ explains Jörg Matheis, chief communication officer at Riese & Müller.

‘Public space is being redistributed and the car no longer dominates. More and more cities and metropolises are already going down this path, building protected cycle paths or closing roads completely to car traffic. This reduces CO2 emissions, makes routes safer for children and older people and reduces noise and stress.

‘For reasons of time alone, inner-city journeys will be made predominantly by bicycle and the quality of life in the neighbourhoods will improve because there will no longer be a need for through-roads.’

City planners are expecting bikes to become an increasingly prominent part of the multimodal mobility mix. In the UK, schemes such as the Mini Holland programme, which aims to create better streets for cyclists and pedestrians, offer a vision of a future where more infrastructure and a greater degree of space are given over to active travel. It’s a shift that means there are even more reasons to consider investing in an ebike.

‘In an ideal urban future, one will be able to choose from a diverse range of complementary means of transport every day,’ says Matheis.

‘What’s the best way to get to my destination today? By ebike? On foot? By public transport? Or by car sharing?’

While many bikes focus on sport or recreation, those made by Riese & Müller concentrate on providing the greatest degree of practicality. ‘We’re continuously working on making our products so good that people enjoy getting on their ebikes and can do without their cars more often without compromise,’ explains Matheis. 

‘We build ebikes that are fun to ride but that also support our customers in their diverse everyday needs.’

From single-person runarounds to bikes for transporting multiple children or cargo, Riese & Müller produces ebikes for every need. Each bike is designed to transform the life of its user and improve the livability of cities for everyone. Let’s take a look at three such designs and explain their role in changing urban mobility.


Personal mobility with the ability to take on longer high-speed journeys 

The Supercharger is ideal for commuters covering long distances. Also available in a speed-pedelec version, its powerful Bosch Performance Line Speed motor supports speeds up to 45kmh, while an optional 1,250Wh battery puts more locations within your reach. With numerous luggage options for carrying your stuff, inbuilt lighting illuminates your way, keeping you visible day and night. Finished with suspension and wide puncture-resistant tyres, it’s stable at speed and ready to clock up extended mileage.

UBN Seven 

An easy riding runaround with intelligent connectivity

A stylish city bike. The lightweight and low-maintenance UBN Seven is wonderfully self-contained. It is propelled along silently by Fazua’s Ride 60 drive system, and is available in three configurations using an 11-speed external derailleur, 8-speed hub or single-speed drivetrain. Further tailored with the option to add a suspension fork, all riders will benefit from smart connectivity via the RX Connect app. The bike’s integrated chip lets you track its movements and activate the alarm if the bike is moved, while allowing you access to riding data, statistics, and safety features. 

Transporter 85

Versatile transport that can be adapted to carry a wide range of cargo

The Transporter is designed to help move goods around town, and can easily replace a small van or car for local deliveries. It produces zero emissions and is a great advert for your business within the community. Helped along by a powerful Bosch Performance Line motor, the Transporter is capable and robust, is easily adapted through a range of accessories and its fit can also be quickly adjusted, allowing multiple users to share a single bike. Also available in the more compact form of the Transporter 65, this shorter wheelbase version is ideal for families or those carrying smaller loads.

• For more information on Riese & Muller’s range of ebikes, visit www.r-m.de

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