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Silca claims new £220 Hot Wax X chain lube saves 12 watts and lasts 800km

Silca claims new £220 Hot Wax X chain lube saves 12 watts and lasts 800km

Charlotte Head

22 Nov 2022

The new hot-melt wax makes big promises but also comes with a big price tag

Silca today launched its newest chain lubricant, Hot Wax X. With the hefty price tag of £220 per 300g tin, Silca claims it ‘runs roughly 0.5 watts faster’ than their original Secret Chain Blend hot-melt wax, and that it can extend your chain life to 30,000km.

Silca, well known for its quality bicycle pumps, previously made waves with its Secret Blend Hot Chain Wax, which was found by ZeroFrictionCycling and Tour Magazin Germany to be the fastest lubricant in the world.

Following what seems to be a personal crusade to find the best lubricant, or ‘friction modifiers’ as Silca calls them, President Josh Poertner found Nanene, a commercial type of Graphene, the carbon allotrope that’s now being put to use in all manner of applications.

‘From our first test with Nanene, we knew that real Graphene was indeed the future.’ It’s produced by Versarien PLC, a company formed by the University of Cambridge and the University of Manchester.

Using Nanene as its key ingredient, Silca claims that the Hot Wax X can save the rider up to 12 watts, but the brand has not said what this is in comparison to.

With many high-quality lubricants needing regular application, the Hot Wax X is said to last up to 800km between applications.

Just in time for the start of winter riding, the Hot Wax X is available from Saddleback at £220.

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