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Wednesday, January 4, 2023 – 15:09

A flashy bottle cage that would benefit from slight refinement

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The Supacaz Fly Anodised bottle cage is the brand’s mid-level cage, sitting above the Fly Poly and below the Fly Carbon.

Founded by ex-pro cyclist Anthony Sinyard, Supacaz is most known for its vibrant bar tapes and handlebar grips.

Supacaz Fly Anodised bottle cage design

Given Supacaz’ reputation for colourful products, the Fly Anodised bottle cage is a suitably bright addition to the collection, with a laser-etched design and oil-slick finish.

As part of the Fly Alloy collection, the cage is available in a large variety of other colours.

The cage is made from anodised aluminium, and features ‘lock-tight wings’ which Supacaz says creates a secure hold on bottles. The wings are part of an open-fronted, top-loading design.

The open front allows for unencumbered installation, though the mounting eyelets are relatively short so have limited height adjustability on the frame.

The Fly Anodised cage has a highly polished finish, and the internal faces of the body are smooth. The cage edges are slightly rough however and, though they are unlikely to make contact with a bottle, could benefit from a neater finish.

The top of the cage is stiff, designed to maintain the overall structural integrity, whilst the lower half is more malleable so that the cage can be bent to fit different bottles.

Supacaz Fly Anodised bottle cage performance

On test, the Fly Anodised cage’s open design allowed for simple bottle access. The mouth of the cage is sloped inwards which increases the surface area slightly for easier bottle replacement.

The arms held the bottles snugly and adapted well around a variety of different bottles. The lower section of the cage feels quite thin and, though this did not occur whilst testing, feels like it could be easily over-stretched.

The cage has a similar price tag to its competitors, however it is worth noting that the standard colour options are significantly cheaper.

On our scales, the Fly Anodised cage weighed in at 21g, just 2g over the manufacturer’s stated weight, much lighter than similar cages on the market.

In all, the Supacaz Fly Anodised bottle cage would add a nice aesthetic touch to a bike. It provides decent retention but the overall product feels a little flimsy.

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Photos: Honor Elliot

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