Emma Cole

23 Nov 2022

The series includes three events and is a joint venture between Lael Wilcox and Komoot

Komoot has launched a series of bikepacking events which will take place in 2023 and is specifically aimed at those who identify as women.

The series includes a GranGuache gravel route in the Canary Islands in January, followed by one in Slovenia in September and lastly a Tuscan Rally in November.

The bikepacking events, which are in conjunction with ultra endurance cyclist Lael Wilcox, were created following the success of the 2021 and 2022 Women’s Rally events.

Credit: Rue Kaladyte

The new series aims to build on the previous events, and connect, inspire and make cycling adventures more accessible to women, with key elements being knowledge sharing, learning-by-doing and enjoyment.

‘We’ve hosted three successful rallies – two on the Torino Nice Rally in Italy and France, and a third on the Montañas Vacías in Spain,’ says Wilcox.

‘The rallies are some of my favourite weeks of the whole year. It’s incredible to see women gain confidence and support each other along the way.’

Alongside the series, Komoot has also launched the Women’s Rally film which showcases the previous Women’s Rally events. It was created by Rue Kaladyte and Wilcox, and premiered at Kendal Mountain Festival last weekend.

Creating events for women

Credit: Rue Kaladyte

The first event was the Torino-Nice Rally held in 2021 which Komoot says was a direct response to women often being underrepresented in cycling.

This first rally saw 26 women participate and riders covered 700km with 15,000m of climbing over seven days.

Komoot says the events are limited to 50 participants to create an intimate and personal atmosphere and to ensure the places the Rally goes through are not overwhelmed by lots of riders.

‘Instead of increasing the numbers (of participants) we want to have more events, more opportunities to have these experiences in different places around the world. If you identify as a women these rallies are for you,’ adds Wilcox.

To kick off the 2023 series, the first rally follows the GranGuanche gravel route in the Canary Islands, which was designed by Matteo Minelli. The event will take place from January 14th-21st 2023 and riders will cover 700km over five islands, with 15,500m of elevation on a mix of terrain.

Registration for the event is open from 20th to 27th November and can be accessed here. Given the expectation of lots of people signing up, names will be drawn out of hat on December 5th.

Featured image credit: Rue Kaladyte

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