Charlotte Head

5 Dec 2022

The new edition of the Campagnolo Big Corkscrew is gold-plated, costs almost €2,000 and is here in time for Christmas

Campagnolo has just released its limited edition gold-plated Big Corkscrew collection. Using 24K for the ‘standard’ gold-plated version and 18K for the rose-gold, it is unsurprising that this latest offering from the Italian powerhouse will cost you a princely sum of €1,950.

Though many of us are experiencing the struggles of the cost-of-living crisis, Campagnolo has chosen to bathe us in a golden glow around the holiday period. Perhaps a suitable gift for the property magnate or oil tycoon in your life?

At 30cm tall and 13cm wide, the gold corkscrew is described by the brand as a ‘small mechanical jewel’, with a self-centring bell – for when you’ve had one too many and cannot locate the centre of the cork – and its screws are said to derive from the 70s Super Record crankset.

Campagnolo claims the arms are able to lever the cork out so smoothly that the sediment in your vintage wine should remain undisturbed (imagine the horror).

There is, as of yet, no stated weight for this new piece of staggeringly expensive kitchen equipment though, at 1kg for the standard stainless-steel edition, it might prove difficult to take to the family picnic.

Whatever the weight, we’re sure that the Campagnolo Big Corkscrew will be large enough to knock your socks off in price alone.

Buy now from Campagnolo. Or head to our gift guide for the everyman steel version and other vastly more affordable objects. 

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