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Tuesday, December 13, 2022 – 16:31

A sustainably sourced bottle cage, with practical side-loading design

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The Bontrager Side Load Recycled bottle cage is part of the brand’s sustainable collection.

As part of the wider Trek company, Bontrager makes everything from helmets to wheels to shoes, as well as a substantial range of bottle cages.

In a bid by Bontrager to ‘build better products for a better world’, the Side Load Recycled bottle cage is said to be made from 100% recycled plastic.

Standard versions of these cages are also available at a slightly lower price point.

Bontrager Side Load Recycled bottle cage design

As it says on the tin, the cage loads from the side rather than the top, with both right and left-sided options.

This is a practical design for use on smaller frames or in conjunction with frame bags, where bottle cage access is typically restricted.

The cage arm sits at an angle across the main body, half covering the frame mount holes, which can make installation more difficult without a long allen key.

The holes themselves are both elliptical, around one centimetre in length, which provides a good level of adjustability on the frame.

The recycled side load bottle cage is well-finished, with relatively smooth edges and an even gloss coating. It is available in four different colours: red, white, black and matte black.

Bontrager Side Load Recycled bottle cage performance

When tested, the side-load feature was easy to use, though may take some practice for first-time users, and bottle access was consistently good.

Though the cage had seemed slightly flimsy in hand, it closed firmly around the bottles, with no sign of movement whilst riding.

The design requires the cage to fully flex open to allow the bottle in, which could possibly lead to failure over time, though this posed no problems whilst testing.

The side-load feature also proved useful for loading large bottles, as the action was uninhibited by the top tube.

The Bontrager recycled side-load bottle cage weighs in at 46g and, costing £15.99, is comparable to other cages with similar designs in both weight and price.

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Photos: Honor Elliott

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