Charlotte Head

Thursday, December 15, 2022 – 10:48

A multi-mountable cage with a bit too much grip

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The Profile Design Vise Kage bottle cage is one of a large range from a brand that’s made a wide variety of products for both cyclists and triathletes alike since 1988.

It is therefore unsurprising that the Vise Kage bottle cage is a multi-purpose holder, that can be mounted either directly to the frame for standard cycling, or to a Profile Design rear mount system that sits behind the saddle for triathlon or time-trial hydration.

Profile Design Vise Kage design

The cage is composed of nylon and fibreglass, available only in black.

It uses a high front barrier to retain the water bottle, which allows for easy to access to the lower mounting bolt but interferes with tightening the top frame mount hole.

The mount holes are slightly elongated and, though this allows a degree of adjustability, could be improved by adding more range.

The cage can be used in conjunction with Profile Design’s rear mount hydration systems, though we only tested it as a frame-mounted product.

In hand, the Vise Kage has little flex but feels well-made, with smooth edges. The logo is neatly printed on the cage spine.

Profile Design Vise Kage performance

The Vise Kage has, what Profile Design calls, a ‘firm-hold’ design. The bottles tested remained firmly in the cage on uneven ground, with no sign of rattling or movement.

Whilst the contents were held securely, the cage fit very tightly around the different bottles I tested, which made bottle retrieval more difficult.

As the cage is recommended for rear-mounting, the firm-hold design likely works best in this capacity, as the bottles would sit at a more precarious angle and need the added security (rear-mounted cages are sometimes called ‘butt rockets’ for their tendency to launch bottles rearwards like projectiles), rather than as a frame-mounted product.

When weighed, the Vise cage came in at 28g, just 1g over the manufacturer-stated weight, and lighter than comparable products.

The Profile Design Vise Kage costs just £9.99 which, whilst the product has some quirks, is a competitive price for a decent bottle cage.

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