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Thursday, January 5, 2023 – 13:38

A well-executed minimalist cage with a premium price tag

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The Silca Sicuro bottle cage is one of a select few from the renowned maker of high-quality pumps and performance chain treatments.

Silca Sicuro titanium bottle cage design

The standard Sicuro cage – as shown here – is made from hand-bent titanium tubing with a raw titanium finish, whilst other colours and finishes are available at a higher price.

The tubing is laser-welded and has been well-finished, with a neat logo etched into the spine. The titanium itself is smooth to the touch and, in hand, the product feels sturdy albeit with a good degree of flex.

The cage features a top-load design, which Silca says is designed to hold bottles over ‘the worst terrain’. The minimal tubing provides little interference with bolt installation, though the front barrier can hinder access to the top bolt holt if using a short multi-tool.

The frame mount holes are 21mm long which allows for a good level of height adjustability to suit different frames or bottle sizes.

Silca Sicuro titanium bottle cage performance

Silca claims that the Sicuro cage will help you ‘never lose a bottle again’. Whilst ‘never’ is a big claim, the Sicuro did hold a variety of bottles very securely on test. The bottles did not rattle or feel loose, even on rough terrain.

The cage’s flex allows for easy bottle retrieval and replacement despite the secure hold, and as a result bottle access required little thought.

The elongated frame mount holes work well on different frame sizes, allowing longer bottles to still be fitted to smaller frames, or shorter bottles to be mounted as high as possible.

The welding is minimal and, as the titanium is remarkably smooth, the cage did not mark any of the bottles tested.

When weighed, the Sicuro cage came in at 32g, just 2g over the manufacturer’s stated weight, and is on par with other cages of this material and design.

The only catch, unsurprisingly, is the price. As a premium product, it does come with a premium price tag, at £75 each for the standard raw titanium finish. This sits the Sicuro bottle cage mid-price range amongst its Ti competitors, but it’s obviously far more expensive than a basic plastic cage.

Overall, the Silca Sicuro titanium bottle cage is a well-made, elegant design whose only drawback is a chunky price tag.

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Photos: Honor Elliot

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