Robyn Davidson

13 Jan 2023

Bike.Rent lets riders browse and book third-party rental providers in real-time

Bicycle rental software company Bike Rent Manager has launched a new platform called that aims to connect cyclists to rental shops across the world.

Working with over 650 bike stores, the site lets users can see how many bikes a shop possesses and when they are available instead of navigating multiple individual rental shop websites.

The company hopes to become ‘the of the cycling world’ with the ability to access over 40,000 bikes across 27 countries.

On the website, you can narrow down searches by location, date, bike shop, bike type and specific bike availability.

The website itself is straightforward. The first option is to begin typing and select a location – it could be Manchester, Paris or even Los Angeles – select your chosen date(s) and bike type.

Bike choices include road, mountain, e-bike and even tandem. A search for road bikes in Paris for the 15th of January yielded two bike shops with multiple options including Cannondale, Cervélo and Specialized for €70.

Another random search for a week-long e-bike rental in Houston, Texas, produced two stores in a 1km vicinity for $100 while a two-day gravel rental will cost €70 in Barcelona.

CEO of Bike.Rent Manager Doug Stoddart said: ‘We plan to add thousands more stores over the coming months and years.’

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Main image credit: Mike Massaro

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