What’s it like to Zwift on Apple TV?
This is how I Zwift and while I acknowledge the write’s experience I’m not sure it’s a completely fair reflection of the platform.
  • I think both videos he presents to highlight the weaker graphical performance of the Apple TV fail to highlight an important point…if you’re racing/working hard the last thing on your mind is lack of shadows or jaggies in the semi-realistic rendering of Fix hill or Ventoux!
  • Messaging – I always use the companion app either on ipad or phone so a lack of an easy integration there doesn’t cut it IMO
  • I’d actually like more than two logins available but that’s a Zwift issue not an AppleTV limitation! (We are a 4 zwifters one kickr household!!)
the rest of the complaints…m’eh? Seemed a bit click-baity if I’m honest.

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