Day: 6 September 2023

Trek pledges to reduce carbon emissions by 68 percent in nine-year plan

Trek Bicycle Corporation is the latest cycling industry company to take initiative toward becoming more sustainable and climate-friendly. [Read more]

20 Minutes of Riding In The Midwest With Zeb Powell – Raw Clips

This is longer than half the movies that came out last year. [Read more]

Soy Sauce Nation Goes to NYC with Stir-Fry East

“You’re a vessel for not only snowboarding, but your own culture.” [Read more]

Autumn and Fall

Tiny Race Series – September 9 Routes and Last Week’s Results

This week’s routes and last week’s results. [Read more]

Zwift Racing League Week 1 Guide: Scotland’s Rolling Highlands

The first official scratch race in ZRL’s history! [Read more]

Zwift and Wahoo partner-up again after patent spat

The two parties have reached an ‘amicable’ settlement that involves selling each other’s products [Read more]

Wahoo and Zwift Announce Settlement of Pending Litigation

Today Zwift and Wahoo confirmed an amicable settlement in the patent infringement lawsuit brought by Wahoo against Zwift almost a year ago. [Read more]

Halfords sees cycling revenue fall in first half of 2023

Cycling is just 25% of the UK’s biggest cycling retailer’s revenue now [Read more]

New 23/24 Rome Snowboards’ Collection is Live!

Get a Rene-Gade before they sell out! [Read more]