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Can you recognise a fraudster when you meet one?

I’ve pointed out many times that it’s easy to scam people online and defraud them. I even once got a phone call from an elderly gentleman asking me if he had really won £1 million on the Financial Services Club lotto. I had to let him down gently. Equally, a

Things worth reading: 15th November 2019

Things we’re reading today include … Google set to offer banking current accounts HSBC and RBS set to launch new digital banking platforms How Jim Simons became the most successful investor of all time Stiff sentences for bank fraud capture Italy’s sour public mood PayPal halts payment support to PornHub

Secrets at Planet-Scale: Engineering the Internal Google KMS

At QCon San Francisco 2019, Anvita Pandit, senior developer at Google, explained Google’s Internal Key Management System (KMS), which supports various Google services. This internal KMS not only manages the generation, distribution and rotation of cryptographic keys, but also handles other secret data. By Steef-Jan Wiggers Read more...Powered by WPeMatico