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European payments on gas

Just before Christmas I heard of a new European payments initiative called PEPSI, short for Pan European Payment System Initiative. Nice acronym although I prefer Coca-Cola, the Co-ordinated Car Co-operative Association. Or something like that. Anyways, whichever Cola you prefer, this new initiative is interesting. Backed by over twenty mainly

Things worth reading: 17th January 2020

Things we’re reading today include … Why Goldman Sachs is playing catch-up with JPMorgan BlackRock says it wants to do more for the climate Former Barclays boss accused of ‘funnelling funds’ to Qatar Economists explore the consequences of steering technological progress Santander heir gets £44m fine for trying to smuggle

ECMAScript’s Top-Level Await Proposal

The top-level await's ECMAScript proposal, which reached Stage 3 last year, is now implemented in the V8 JavaScript engine, and supported by Webpack and Babel. Top-level await enables dynamic dependency pathing, resource initialization, and dependency fallbacks at module import time. Top-level await however results in a non-deterministic module execution order.