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Apple Card launches

Apple has officially launched its credit card, with all US customers now able to apply for it throug... Read more...Powered by WPeMatico

Article: An Engineer’s Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep

Increased microservices adoption, fueled by the move into the cloud where architectures and infrastructure can flex and be ephemeral, adds complexity every day to the systems we create and maintain. This takes place alongside operating models with autonomous and totally empowered teams, so each distributed system has its own

Microsoft to Consolidate .NET Repositories on GitHub

Microsoft has announced they will transform their fine-grained repository structure for .NET Core to consolidate a number of foundational .NET Core repositories, including dotnet/coreclr and dotnet/corefx. Microsoft also plans to further consolidate ASP.NET repositories. By Sergio De Simone Read more...Powered by WPeMatico